Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Having problems with ur kids? U try to understand them but they are still out of control. Well, just try my tips below and see whether it works or not. Enjoy:)

  • Spend more time with them ( when kids r lonely, they tend to be rebellious easily)
  • Teach them with "1,2,3" method where if they don't follow ur instructions when u already counted number 3, cane them!( This works u know)
  • Always ask about their problems in school, with friends or teachers.
  • Teach them to RESPECT u. ( whenever they started chaos, SCOLD them)
  • Put a limit to how many toys( or anything) he/she can get in a month.
  • Tell them to buy anything using their own money, except 4 educational purposes.
  • Celebrate their birthday every year. DO NOT miss even once.(This shows that u care for them)
  • Always praise them whenever they did something good.
  • Give them presents or incentive whenever they get something that u can be proud of.( Like scoring all "A"s in exam.)
  • Get to know their friends.
  • Always monitor their behavior, emotions and try to solve their problems.
  • Do not be too strict with them. ( Do not ALWAYS scold them.)
There u go, parents. If ur children r out of control, try practicing my tips and see the result. Please leave a comment. TQ :)

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  1. WOW. Common sense, there need to be more people that think like this. Simple (not always easy).

    Jay T.