Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Updates!!

Hello everyone! It's been a very long time since I last posted. Today, I would like to share some tips on HOME DECORATIONS.

1. Choose light colours for the background. (light colours will give you calmnesss.)
2. Next, choose darker colour for the furnitures.(make them looked elegant )
3. Maximize the space. DO NOT waste any space! (wasted things such as a VERY big sofas)
4. When you are decorating your bedroom, make sure there are some spaces between your bed and study desk.
5. Finally, just make sure you and your family are comfortable with the colours and spaces you chose.

That's all for today. hope to see you later!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


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Hello guys! Today I would like to talk about TIPS ON SAVING MONEY. Surely all of us LOVE money but how many of us SAVE them for future? Now, before it is to late, let us all start saving our money now.

  • Avoid using credit card when shopping. ( In case some of you don't realize, by using credit card, you will pay more than the original price and this is what gives the credit card company profit)
  • Every month, save 50% of your salary in the bank and use the remainder to pay taxes, buy groceries and other needs. ( trust me, you can live even though you only have US 1000)
  • Find other alternatives to increase your money( like forex, stock market, tournaments, part time job) EXCEPT gambling.
  • When you go shopping, make sure you make a " buying" list so that you will have aim when you go to the supermarket.
  • For women, limit yourself from buying your "lust"( jewels, clothes, etc) to one per month.
  • Give priority to family expenses rather than your own desires.
  • Remember, wealth will NOT always be on our side. So start saving money now.
There you go ladies and gentlemen. If you want to have more money in the future, just practice my tips and I am sure you will succeed. Best regards from Z master. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hi everyone! It's been a very, very long time since I last updated my blog. I would like to apologize for that. Well, looks like my blog was "dead" for some time and I lost many visitors. It's hard just to gain committed visitors FOR MY SIMPLE BLOG but I DISSAPPOINT them. So, as a PUNISHMENT, I have to resurrect my blog ASAP and post new tips regularly. Therefore, please forgive me...

Saturday, March 14, 2009


First of all, I would like to apologies for not updating my blog for about 2 weeks due to some internet connection problems. Well, today I would like to give you some tips that can help you to increase your web traffic. Enjoy! :)

  1. Update your web regularly.
  2. Focus your content.( Like me, my blog is all about tips:)
  3. Exchange links/ banner.
  4. Make your site as interesting as possible.
  5. Choose a specific visitors that is appropriate with your site's content.( Like Adult, Kids or teenagers)
  6. Always pay attention to your visitors comments.
  7. Do not lie to your visitors( I'm serious!)- like giving wrong info.
That's all from me for this time. I hope your traffic will increase after you practice my tips above. Thank you. Please leave a comment. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, you want people to respect you? Everyone wants to be respected. Your world will be more cheerful and you feel like you got POWER over anything! So, wanna learn the way? Just check out my tips below. Enjoy!

  1. Remain calm under pressure. This can be quite a difficult task, but no one respects someone who loses his or her temper or flies off the handle every time something goes awry.
  2. Be a problem solver. Do not just whine about your problem but do something to SOLVE them.
  3. Value the opinion of others. Display confidence in your decisions, but not to the point of never wanting to hear an alternate point of view. Take in all available information, and choose the BEST option available.
  4. Practice a policy of honesty. DO NOT lie in any occasion just because you don't know about that issue.
  5. Admit your mistake. Don't let your ego blinds and binds you forever!
  6. Be a humble person. NO one is going to talk bad about you if you are a humble person. In fact, they WILL RESPECT you.
  7. Be friendly. Is it wrong to be friend with the poor even though you OWN 5 bungalow?
  8. Be a trustworthy person. Anyone won't have any problem with you if you are reliable and can be trusted.
  9. Know that gaining respect takes time. Don't expect to earn respect merely from your title, your appearance or your experience. People have to know and trust you before they can respect you.
There you go ladies and gentlemen. If you want to be respected, just practice my tips and I am sure you will become a great man someday! Please leave a comment. TQ :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hi everyone! Today I would like to share with you CHESS TIPS. As we know, chess is a popular board game and has many benefits. However, to truly master this game, someone must have high thinking and position evaluation ability. I will provide some general tips about chess. Enjoy!

  • Understand the opening.
  • Control the center.
  • Grab as much space as possible!
  • Limit your opponent movement.
  • Do not give checks too early in the game.
  • Always castling!( Save your king)
  • Develop your pieces as fast as possible.
  • Develop knight first before the bishops.( Knight can attack and defend multiple squares)
  • Do not afraid to sacrifice some of your pawns if you can gain lead in the development
  • Play the board, NOT the opponent!( even a kid can defeat adults)
  • Make sure your pieces can always get necessary back up when needed.
  • Master the endgame.( This is really important)
Well, that covers up some general tips about chess. Of course, to become a really strong players, you have to play at least 10 games everyday and review your games. Please leave a comment. TQ :)

Friday, February 20, 2009


Hello folks! Today I would like to share with you tips about how to reduce your weight efficiently. To be honest, losing weight is actually quite easy( I'm NOT saying it is REALLY easy). To reduce your weight efficiently, you only need 3 things: DETERMINATION, CONSTANT EXERCISE and PROPER TECHNIQUE. Well, just read my tips below and give it some thought. Enjoy! :)

  1. Climb stairs about 20 times a day.
  2. Do sit up at least 20 times a day.
  3. Do not strain yourself too much.
  4. Check you weight EACH week. ( Do not check everyday or you will be disheartened when your weight does not decrease)
  5. Make a timetable and follow it STRICTLY.
  6. Avoid eating dinner and supper.
  7. Avoid eating instant noodles and junk food.( Well, once a month is OK)
  8. Teach your body to only eat 2 times a day.
  9. Avoid high calorie food.
  10. Try to be active as much as possible.
  11. Follow the food pyramid.
  12. If possible, try NOT to eat rice at all.
  13. Reduce the intake of sugar and salt.
  14. When you almost give up on exercising, imagine the moment when you are slim.
  15. Consult doctor on how to reduce your weight efficiently.
There you go ladies and gentlemen. These tips are proven to help you reduce your weight efficiently. However, DO NOT expect to lose 10 kg in just 2 weeks. Bear in mind that to reduce your weight, it usually take a lot of time. Please leave a comment. TQ :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


First of all, I would like to stress that this is only 4 the GIRLS!! Guys r forbidden to practice this tips, ok? Uhm, I am a guy, so I don't know much about this topic but I'll use my observation skills to write the best tips. No worries! Well, please enjoy yourself and have a nice day!! :)

  1. Introduce yourself to him.
  2. Understand his hobbies.
  3. Just get along with his story.
  4. Try to make yourself a better girl.
  5. Ask him what type of girls he likes.
  6. Do not annoy him with anything especially when he is talking.
  7. Use your eyes!!( the ultimate poison of girls.)
  8. Laugh or smile when he makes jokes.( even if it is a lame joke.)
  9. Usually guys will tackle girls. So just sit back and relax.
There u go girls. Try my tips and see the result. Man, I am feeling "cold" when I did this topic. Have a nice day, folks. Please comment. TQ :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Having problems with ur kids? U try to understand them but they are still out of control. Well, just try my tips below and see whether it works or not. Enjoy:)

  • Spend more time with them ( when kids r lonely, they tend to be rebellious easily)
  • Teach them with "1,2,3" method where if they don't follow ur instructions when u already counted number 3, cane them!( This works u know)
  • Always ask about their problems in school, with friends or teachers.
  • Teach them to RESPECT u. ( whenever they started chaos, SCOLD them)
  • Put a limit to how many toys( or anything) he/she can get in a month.
  • Tell them to buy anything using their own money, except 4 educational purposes.
  • Celebrate their birthday every year. DO NOT miss even once.(This shows that u care for them)
  • Always praise them whenever they did something good.
  • Give them presents or incentive whenever they get something that u can be proud of.( Like scoring all "A"s in exam.)
  • Get to know their friends.
  • Always monitor their behavior, emotions and try to solve their problems.
  • Do not be too strict with them. ( Do not ALWAYS scold them.)
There u go, parents. If ur children r out of control, try practicing my tips and see the result. Please leave a comment. TQ :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to Control Your Anger?

I'm pretty sure that sometimes u r so angry that u feel like to kill someone. But you can't because if u do that, u will get a death penalty 4 free,right? So, how can we control our anger efficiently? Well just read my tips below. Enjoy:)

  1. If u r a hot- blooded person, u can seek therapy or anger management group.( They r professionals u know.)
  2. Get a punching bag and imagine that the punching bag is him/her. Then punch, kick, slap or whatever u want to do to the punching bag. Release all of ur anger!!( This is the best way)
  3. If u r standing, try to sit and take a deep breath and release it slowly. ( Like the yoga style:)
  4. Slowly repeat calm words like " relax", " calm down" or " take it easy". Repeat it to yourself while breathing deeply.
  5. Use imaginary, visualize a relaxing and stress- free experience, from either ur imagination or memory.
  6. Take a bath.( seriously!)
  7. Just forgive ur enemy and forget the incident. ( this way, u will cool down in no time)
There u go, some tips from me and I hope these tips will be useful for all of us. Please leave a comment. TQ :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

How to Score Well in Exams??

Exams, exams and exams. Life is so boring with exams, right pals? If u score well in exam, ur friend calls u nerdy but if u did not score in exams, ur parents will scold u. WHAT THE H**L AM I SUPPOSE TO DO??? Whatever, 4 me it is better to score well in exams and obtain a lot of money rather than fail the exams and life a miserable life.
Enough talk, just read these tips below and I hope u guys find them useful:)

  1. Pay attention in class.
  2. Respect ur teacher( The most important!!)
  3. Do short notes( make them as interesting as possible)
  4. Plan ur time wisely.
  5. Drink plenty of mineral water.
  6. Don't play too much( "this is unacceptable!!", is what u r thinking, right?)
  7. Ask teacher straight away if u don't understand anything.( this is the best way)
  8. Form a study group.
  9. Don't stress out.
  10. Study about 2 hours EVERYDAY( "this is impossible!!", is what u r thinking, right?)
  11. Do a lot of revision.
  12. Befriend with clever guys or girls.( maybe ur girlfriend/ boyfriend?)
  13. Use ur elder brothers or sisters knowledge to its fullest.
There u go. I know how u folks feel but if u wanna get smart and pass ur exams with flying colors, just follow my tips. Please leave a comment, TQ :)

How to Tackle a Girl

Now, now, i know u guys are being excited but remember, ur feelings play the most important role to tackle a girl. Enjoy:)
  1. Walk to her with unbreakable confidence!!
  2. Ask her name like a man!!( of course, ask with a smile)
  3. If u come from the back, u could startle her, making her nervous and shock(of love:p)
  4. If u come from the front, she can see you coming and form an opinion which may not be conducive for a relationship.
  5. If u want to make a comment, make it a neutral one.
  6. Do not embarrass her with whatever things u do. U will get rejected at once!( trust me)
  7. Always be a gentleman. DO NOT try to touch or hold her. u will get a good slap if u do that(Ouch!!)
  8. Let her make her own choice and don't force her to accept and follow ur opinion.
  9. From the side, she catches you in her peripheral vision, she knows you are there, but is busy with the other guys coming' straight at her. This way she can become comfortable with your presence and you aren't a physiological threat to her.
  10. Always hear their problems and try to give the best solution possible. This shows that u care about her.
  11. Finally, once a girl decides she wants to be tackled, she will definitely tackle you! No worries!

So, there u go guys, a fine tips from me and I hope u guys find them useful:) Please leave a comment. TQ