Tuesday, June 16, 2009


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Hello guys! Today I would like to talk about TIPS ON SAVING MONEY. Surely all of us LOVE money but how many of us SAVE them for future? Now, before it is to late, let us all start saving our money now.

  • Avoid using credit card when shopping. ( In case some of you don't realize, by using credit card, you will pay more than the original price and this is what gives the credit card company profit)
  • Every month, save 50% of your salary in the bank and use the remainder to pay taxes, buy groceries and other needs. ( trust me, you can live even though you only have US 1000)
  • Find other alternatives to increase your money( like forex, stock market, tournaments, part time job) EXCEPT gambling.
  • When you go shopping, make sure you make a " buying" list so that you will have aim when you go to the supermarket.
  • For women, limit yourself from buying your "lust"( jewels, clothes, etc) to one per month.
  • Give priority to family expenses rather than your own desires.
  • Remember, wealth will NOT always be on our side. So start saving money now.
There you go ladies and gentlemen. If you want to have more money in the future, just practice my tips and I am sure you will succeed. Best regards from Z master. :)

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