Monday, February 16, 2009

How to Tackle a Girl

Now, now, i know u guys are being excited but remember, ur feelings play the most important role to tackle a girl. Enjoy:)
  1. Walk to her with unbreakable confidence!!
  2. Ask her name like a man!!( of course, ask with a smile)
  3. If u come from the back, u could startle her, making her nervous and shock(of love:p)
  4. If u come from the front, she can see you coming and form an opinion which may not be conducive for a relationship.
  5. If u want to make a comment, make it a neutral one.
  6. Do not embarrass her with whatever things u do. U will get rejected at once!( trust me)
  7. Always be a gentleman. DO NOT try to touch or hold her. u will get a good slap if u do that(Ouch!!)
  8. Let her make her own choice and don't force her to accept and follow ur opinion.
  9. From the side, she catches you in her peripheral vision, she knows you are there, but is busy with the other guys coming' straight at her. This way she can become comfortable with your presence and you aren't a physiological threat to her.
  10. Always hear their problems and try to give the best solution possible. This shows that u care about her.
  11. Finally, once a girl decides she wants to be tackled, she will definitely tackle you! No worries!

So, there u go guys, a fine tips from me and I hope u guys find them useful:) Please leave a comment. TQ

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