Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, you want people to respect you? Everyone wants to be respected. Your world will be more cheerful and you feel like you got POWER over anything! So, wanna learn the way? Just check out my tips below. Enjoy!

  1. Remain calm under pressure. This can be quite a difficult task, but no one respects someone who loses his or her temper or flies off the handle every time something goes awry.
  2. Be a problem solver. Do not just whine about your problem but do something to SOLVE them.
  3. Value the opinion of others. Display confidence in your decisions, but not to the point of never wanting to hear an alternate point of view. Take in all available information, and choose the BEST option available.
  4. Practice a policy of honesty. DO NOT lie in any occasion just because you don't know about that issue.
  5. Admit your mistake. Don't let your ego blinds and binds you forever!
  6. Be a humble person. NO one is going to talk bad about you if you are a humble person. In fact, they WILL RESPECT you.
  7. Be friendly. Is it wrong to be friend with the poor even though you OWN 5 bungalow?
  8. Be a trustworthy person. Anyone won't have any problem with you if you are reliable and can be trusted.
  9. Know that gaining respect takes time. Don't expect to earn respect merely from your title, your appearance or your experience. People have to know and trust you before they can respect you.
There you go ladies and gentlemen. If you want to be respected, just practice my tips and I am sure you will become a great man someday! Please leave a comment. TQ :)

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