Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to Control Your Anger?

I'm pretty sure that sometimes u r so angry that u feel like to kill someone. But you can't because if u do that, u will get a death penalty 4 free,right? So, how can we control our anger efficiently? Well just read my tips below. Enjoy:)

  1. If u r a hot- blooded person, u can seek therapy or anger management group.( They r professionals u know.)
  2. Get a punching bag and imagine that the punching bag is him/her. Then punch, kick, slap or whatever u want to do to the punching bag. Release all of ur anger!!( This is the best way)
  3. If u r standing, try to sit and take a deep breath and release it slowly. ( Like the yoga style:)
  4. Slowly repeat calm words like " relax", " calm down" or " take it easy". Repeat it to yourself while breathing deeply.
  5. Use imaginary, visualize a relaxing and stress- free experience, from either ur imagination or memory.
  6. Take a bath.( seriously!)
  7. Just forgive ur enemy and forget the incident. ( this way, u will cool down in no time)
There u go, some tips from me and I hope these tips will be useful for all of us. Please leave a comment. TQ :)

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