Friday, February 20, 2009


Hello folks! Today I would like to share with you tips about how to reduce your weight efficiently. To be honest, losing weight is actually quite easy( I'm NOT saying it is REALLY easy). To reduce your weight efficiently, you only need 3 things: DETERMINATION, CONSTANT EXERCISE and PROPER TECHNIQUE. Well, just read my tips below and give it some thought. Enjoy! :)

  1. Climb stairs about 20 times a day.
  2. Do sit up at least 20 times a day.
  3. Do not strain yourself too much.
  4. Check you weight EACH week. ( Do not check everyday or you will be disheartened when your weight does not decrease)
  5. Make a timetable and follow it STRICTLY.
  6. Avoid eating dinner and supper.
  7. Avoid eating instant noodles and junk food.( Well, once a month is OK)
  8. Teach your body to only eat 2 times a day.
  9. Avoid high calorie food.
  10. Try to be active as much as possible.
  11. Follow the food pyramid.
  12. If possible, try NOT to eat rice at all.
  13. Reduce the intake of sugar and salt.
  14. When you almost give up on exercising, imagine the moment when you are slim.
  15. Consult doctor on how to reduce your weight efficiently.
There you go ladies and gentlemen. These tips are proven to help you reduce your weight efficiently. However, DO NOT expect to lose 10 kg in just 2 weeks. Bear in mind that to reduce your weight, it usually take a lot of time. Please leave a comment. TQ :)


  1. hai
    very glad to see tips . It's quite easy to follow for those who want to reduce weight
    can i post my questions ? pl tell me how to post the question?

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