Monday, February 16, 2009

How to Score Well in Exams??

Exams, exams and exams. Life is so boring with exams, right pals? If u score well in exam, ur friend calls u nerdy but if u did not score in exams, ur parents will scold u. WHAT THE H**L AM I SUPPOSE TO DO??? Whatever, 4 me it is better to score well in exams and obtain a lot of money rather than fail the exams and life a miserable life.
Enough talk, just read these tips below and I hope u guys find them useful:)

  1. Pay attention in class.
  2. Respect ur teacher( The most important!!)
  3. Do short notes( make them as interesting as possible)
  4. Plan ur time wisely.
  5. Drink plenty of mineral water.
  6. Don't play too much( "this is unacceptable!!", is what u r thinking, right?)
  7. Ask teacher straight away if u don't understand anything.( this is the best way)
  8. Form a study group.
  9. Don't stress out.
  10. Study about 2 hours EVERYDAY( "this is impossible!!", is what u r thinking, right?)
  11. Do a lot of revision.
  12. Befriend with clever guys or girls.( maybe ur girlfriend/ boyfriend?)
  13. Use ur elder brothers or sisters knowledge to its fullest.
There u go. I know how u folks feel but if u wanna get smart and pass ur exams with flying colors, just follow my tips. Please leave a comment, TQ :)

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  1. when i was a student, i admit i was kinda serious. so when i read this post, i can't help but agree to what you've listed. :)

    but let's always remember that life is a balance between work and play. so after the exam, don't forget to go out and give yourself a break. :)