Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hi everyone! Today I would like to share with you CHESS TIPS. As we know, chess is a popular board game and has many benefits. However, to truly master this game, someone must have high thinking and position evaluation ability. I will provide some general tips about chess. Enjoy!

  • Understand the opening.
  • Control the center.
  • Grab as much space as possible!
  • Limit your opponent movement.
  • Do not give checks too early in the game.
  • Always castling!( Save your king)
  • Develop your pieces as fast as possible.
  • Develop knight first before the bishops.( Knight can attack and defend multiple squares)
  • Do not afraid to sacrifice some of your pawns if you can gain lead in the development
  • Play the board, NOT the opponent!( even a kid can defeat adults)
  • Make sure your pieces can always get necessary back up when needed.
  • Master the endgame.( This is really important)
Well, that covers up some general tips about chess. Of course, to become a really strong players, you have to play at least 10 games everyday and review your games. Please leave a comment. TQ :)

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  1. well im a chess player myself,...
    am really amazed with the accuracy you have stated points in this post...
    excellent work..

    keep up the good work